Precious Metals Trading

We have amassed an abundance of experience in trading precious metals, and we offer competitive trading prices that have garnered many loyal clients who regularly trade with us.

Our trade partners include gold refineries, jewellery factories, retailers as well as individual traders and dealers.

What We Sell

  • Fine gold bars and gram bars
    (including GST-free LBMA bars)
  • Scrap gold bars

What We Buy

  • Scrap gold of various purities, scrap platinum & silver
  • Diamonds & precious stones
  • Preloved jewellery
  • Luxury timepieces

Trade With Us To Enjoy:

On-The-Spot Payment

With our in-house team appraising your scrap gold on the spot, we give you a quick and accurate assessment of your items and on-the-spot cash payment.

Our highly experienced appraisers accompanied by our quick and reliable services provides fast cash payment to facilitate your need for quick cash flow.

Best Rates

We purchase scrap precious metals, and sell gold and silver bars at highly competitive rates, and what keeps our customers coming back is our attractive trading prices.

You can choose to lock in your selling and buying price, and ease your mind as there are no price fluctuations.

Free Delivery and Collection Services

Busy schedule? No problem. We make our transactions as easy and convenient as possible, by providing free delivery and collection services.

You can arrange for our sales representative to deliver/collect the precious metals to/from your place at a minimum quantity.