Property Mortgage Loans

property loans financing - vm credit Singapore
Property Mortgage Loans - VM Credit Singapore
restructuring your debt loan - vm credit
offer housing loans vm credit singapore
Simplier Financing VM Credit Singapore
restructuring your debt loan - vm credit
offer housing loans vm credit singapore

A mortgage loan is a type of loan that allows the borrower to purchase a house or property.

If you’re looking for a quick and simple way to buy your dream property in Singapore, then this is the right place.

We have various property mortgage loans that best suit your needs.

Differences in Property Mortgage Loans

 VM CreditFinancial Institutions
Basis for loan approvalReal EstateIncome, credit score, credit history, etc
Minimum credit ratingNot CriticalBB
Property TypesAll except HDB and JTC propertiesTypically residential and commercial (depending on trades)
Loan TermsFlexibleRigid
Approval ProcessWithin 1 weekA few days to a few weeks
Loan DisbursementWithin 1-2 weeks from approval2-3 months from approval

How We Work

  • With all necessary documentation submitted, we will process your application, and you will hear from us within a few working days, depending on the complexity of the case.
  • We will send you a letter of offer.
  • Upon acceptance, we will proceed with mortgage processing.
  • Loans will be disbursed as fast as within a few working days from loan approval (for fully paid properties); and up to 4 weeks (for properties with existing bank loans and/or CPF usage due to the longer time it takes your existing financier to prepare the redemption documents).
  • Our no-frills approach allows you to choose between:
    – Cash
    – Cheque
    – Interbank Transfer
    – GIRO to make your monthly repayments

We offer the following too:

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