How to Keep Your Diamonds Sparkling

Diamonds sparkle because of its facets – tiny mirrors that reflect light in and out of the stone. Light enters the top of the diamond, then travels to the bottom, where it reflects and refracts light that reflects brilliantly back to the viewer. If these facets attract grime, your diamond will lose its shine. To […]

ValueMax Jewellery Goes Online!

Thinking of getting something special for yourself or your loved one but have no time to visit our shop? Good news! You can now browse our products, ranging from jewellery, watches to bags, on our online store and reserve items that catch your eye. You can do so anywhere anytime without making any upfront payment! Here’s […]

5 Reasons to Buy Preloved Jewellery

It’s true that preloved jewellery is more affordable than sparkling brand new ones, allowing buyers to save up to 50% of the original price. But there’s more to it than just plain savings. Aesthetics and personal style are as much a factor as price. Plus, it can be really hard to say “no” to a […]