Property Mortgage Loans

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We are here to help you when

  • You do not qualify for traditional financing due to issues with income, current liabilities, nature of properties etc
  • You have an imperfect credit history
  • You have ample equity in your property and need cash
  • You need a loan quickly and can’t wait for 3 to 6 months for a traditional bank loan
  • You are trying to avoid foreclosure and restructure your debt
  • You are a foreign national
  • You need a complex loan with multiple pieces of collateral
  • You need a creative solution when your loan does not fit into the traditional lending guidelines

Differences in Mortgage Loans

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  Bank VM Credit
Basis for loan approval Income, credit score, credit history etc Real Estate
Minimum credit rating BB Not important
Documentation Significant Minimal
Property Types Typically residential and commercial (depending on trades) All except HDB and JTC properties
Loan Terms Rigid Flexible
Approval Process A few weeks Within 2 weeks
Loan Disbursement 3 months from approval Within 2 weeks from approval

We Provide

  • Up to 60% equity-based lending against commercial and residential properties
  • Loan tenure up to 15 years
  • Flexible funding solutions in accordance to your needs and requirements
  • Fast and efficient response since our loans are privately funded
  • Ease of documentation requirements with minimal paperwork
  • Ease of documentation requirements with minimal paperwork
  • No upfront and/or hidden fees
  • No lock in period for most of our loan programs, thus allowing partial prepayment and full redemption anytime without incurring any penalty.
  • You need a complex loan with multiple pieces of collateral
  • High degree of transparency with lawyers handling all the necessary legal documentation

How We Work

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step 1 step 2 step 3
Processing & Approval Loan Disbursement Monthly Repayment
  • With all necessary documentation submitted, we will process your application, and you will hear from us in 5 to 10 working days
  • This depends on the complexity of the case
  • We will send you a letter of offer
  • Upon acceptance, we will proceed with mortgage processing.
  • Loans will be disbursed between approximately 10 working days (for fully paid properties) to 4 weeks (for properties with existing bank loans and/or CPF usage)
  • Our no-frills approach allows you to choose between:
    – Cash
    – Cheque
    – Interbank Tranfer
    – GIRO to make your monthly repayments