Buying Watches from ValueMax: A Guide for Beginners

buying watches

Watches are a piece of accessory that never gets old or goes out of fashion. It is almost an outfit staple, especially for people who wear watches more often and feel as if their look is incomplete without a stunning and classy watch wrapped around their wrist.

However, even though watches are a great way to instantly reflect your personality and elevate your outfit, not everyone knows the art of buying the right watch. Watches come in many different designs, colors, dial sizes, strap styles, and brands, and you must know about what goes with what to be able to make the right decisions when purchasing a watch for yourself.

If you are a watch lover but not sure what kind of watch you should get, and most importantly, where to get them from – let us help you. Here is a guide to help you buy watches from ValuMax – which is an online store with a huge collection of luxury watches for both men and women.

What to Consider When Buying Watches?

●       Dials and their Sizes

Watches come with different types of dials – some even have more than one dial, so you have to pick what would look best for you. Some watches come with more than 1 dial – that is, they have one or two small dials inside the big dial and are called “subdials” They have many different functions; sometimes they show minutes, sometimes lapsed seconds, and sometimes even phase of the moon.

You can get a watch with a feature that fascinates you more. If the idea of subdials interests you, you must get this Bvlgari Diagona watch which comes with 2 subdials and looks absolutely classy!

Moreover, along with that, you can also consider the size of the main dial. Some watches have big dials, while others come with a small dial. For people with broad wrists, bigger dials look better, while smaller dials look better for people with slimmer wrists. In fact, you can even ditch the conventional circular dials and go for a rectangular shape such as Franck Muller Curvex Watch.

●       Strap vs. Bracelet

Watches also come in different designs – some come with a plain strap while others come with a bracelet or a chain. Both look equally elegant and stylish – it depends on your personal style and the type of outfit you are wearing to decide which one you should buy.

If you like to keep it minimal yet classy, you can go with leather straps and get a watch like Omega De Ville Prestige Co-Axial Watch, which is an evergreen, classic watch. For a more casual look, you can get a watch with rubber straps – they are inexpensive, convenient, and perfect for daily wear.

Bracelet or chain watches go best with formal attires – invest in a premium-looking silver chained watch to give your outfit an instant boost. You can easily look rich and luxurious with a Rolex Submariner Date watch that comes with a  classy gold silver chain – pair it with a formal suit, and you are good to go.

Shop at Value Max!

When buying watches, there are two things that you must consider – the dial size and the strap that is attached to the watch. We hope this guide was helpful for you; if you are looking for watches to buy for yourself, you must check out the collection of premium watches available at the best prices at ValueMax. Visit our online store now!

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