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Abstract Diamond Pendant

SGD 199

V Solitaire Pendant

SGD 159

Cursive Solitaire Pendant

SGD 179

Abstract S Diamond Pendant

SGD 129

Intertwined Diamond Pendant

SGD 129

Infinity Pave Diamond Pendant

SGD 179

Two Tone Star Pendant

SGD 169

Hook Solitaire Pendant

SGD 209

Diamond Heart Pendant

SGD 219

Pave Swirl Diamonds Pendant

SGD 149

Swirl Three Diamonds Pendant

SGD 199

Oval Floral Diamond Pendant

SGD 189

S Swirl Solitaire Pendant

SGD 189

Swirl Solitaire Pendant

SGD 169

Hermes Birkin 32 Ostrich Hac (Gris Fonce-Grey) (Gold Hardware)

SGD 26,000

Hermes Birkin 30 Porosus Crocodile (Blue)

SGD 156,809

Patterned Motif Bracelet

SGD 639

Swirl Motif Bracelet

SGD 989

Dangling Pooh Necklace

SGD 839

Four Claw Solitaire Ring

SGD 1,649

Wrap Solitaire Ring

SGD 1,059

Wrap Princess Cut Diamond Ring

SGD 1,139

Wrap Solitaire & Diamonds Ring

SGD 799

Heart Prong Diamond Bracelet

SGD 809

Chain Link Diamonds Bracelet

SGD 989

Yellow Gold Solitaire Earrings

SGD 619

Motif Dangling Solitaire Necklace

SGD 1,849

Pave Diamonds V Necklace

SGD 2,319

Swirl Pave Diamonds Ring

SGD 479

Heart Patterned Solitaire Ring

SGD 379

Ribbon Dandelion Pendant

SGD 129

Abstract Three Diamonds Pendant

SGD 349

Triple Circular Solitaire Pendant

SGD 899

Swirl Solitaire Pendant

SGD 169

Zig Zag Droplets Diamond Bracelet

SGD 1,439

Three Diamonds Wrap Ring

SGD 759

Yellow Sapphire Ring

SGD 979

Two Tone Circular Diamond Pendant

SGD 209

Inverted U Heart Pendant

SGD 129

Triangular Patterned Diamond Bracelet

SGD 529

Clip Pave Diamond Earrings

SGD 1,199

Dangling Heart Diamond Necklace

SGD 779

Pearl & Diamond Necklace

SGD 1,809

Triple Swirl Diamond Bangle

SGD 2,919

Pave Ribbon Diamond Ring

SGD 599

Hook & Swirl Diamond Ring

SGD 1,069

Vintage Swirl Patterned Diamond Ring

SGD 989

Vintage Antique Patterned Diamond Ring

SGD 2,319

Vintage Patterned Diamond Ring

SGD 3,409

Vintage Two Tone Patterned Ring

SGD 1,819

Vintage Yellow Gold Motif Bracelet

SGD 8,489

Square Diamond Ring

SGD 529

Flowy Abstract Two Tone Diamond Ring

SGD 789

Colored Gems Diamond Ring

SGD 589

Eyelet Solitaire Wrap Diamond Ring

SGD 1,179

Floral Burst Diamond Pendant

SGD 229

Twirl Abstract Diamond Pendant

SGD 159

Dangling Pearl Pendant

SGD 299

Zig Zag Patterned Diamond Bangle

SGD 1,109

Swirl Two Tone Diamond Bangle

SGD 1,579

Motif Patterned Anklet

SGD 359

Leaf Patterned Diamond Ring

SGD 269

Double Band Pave Diamond Ring

SGD 499

Cluster Diamonds Floral Pendant

SGD 199

Intertwined Hearts Diamond Pendant

SGD 179

Cluster Droplets Diamond Pendant

SGD 139

Triple Petals Diamonds Pendant

SGD 109

3D Triangular Solitaire Pendant

SGD 239

Yellow Gold Multi Pave Diamond Ring

SGD 2,119

Two Tone Diamond Ring

SGD 1,289

Flower Motif Pendant

SGD 359

Three Droplets Cluster Pendant

SGD 369

Dangling Star Diamond Pendant

SGD 259

Heart Shape Pave Diamond Pendant

SGD 389

Pearl White Gold Diamond Pendant

SGD 249

Double Chain Pave Diamond Bracelet

SGD 1,679

Multi Square Pave Diamond Bracelet

SGD 2,259

Dangling Mother of Pearl Earrings

SGD 169

Dangling Swirl Diamond Earrings

SGD 429

Swirl Three Diamonds Bangle

SGD 989

Square Motif Diamond Ring

SGD 379

Paved Floral Diamond Solitaire Ring

SGD 659

Double Band Diamond Ring

SGD 989

Combined Diamonds Pendant

SGD 399

Abstract Z Diamond Pendant

SGD 779

Four Diamonds Pave Pendant

SGD 419

Meteor Star Diamond Pendant

SGD 249

Two Tone Patterned Diamond Bracelet

SGD 1,379

Yellow Gold Multi Pave Diamond Ring

SGD 1,329

Floral Burst Diamond Ring

SGD 609

Filigree Floral Band Ring

SGD 229

Floral Gems Ring

SGD 659

Two Tone Double Heart Pendant

SGD 89

Circular Arrow Two Tone Diamond Pendant

SGD 559

Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring

SGD 499

Abstract Overlap Diamond Pendant

SGD 289

Vertical Floral Diamond Pendant

SGD 589

Eyelet Motif Diamond Bracelet

SGD 1,749

Square Patterned Diamond Bracelet

SGD 809

Filigree Lattice Diamond Bracelet

SGD 1,659


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