Top 5 Styles of Hand-Made Rings by Local Artisans

Top 5 Styles of Hand-Made Rings

On the hunt for unique diamond rings jewellery in Singapore? These hand-made rings by local artisans are nothing like the mass market brands or over-priced pieces found in shopping malls. Ranging from a scintillating halo to an attention-grabbing precious stone that makes a statement, here are some of our favourites from ValueMax.

1) The Timeless Allure of Geometric Design

To give a futuristic look, some artisan rings are carved into geometric shapes like squares, rectangles and circles. This creates complex pieces that reflect both the modern and streamlined spirit. The geometrical design distinguishes them from the fluid lines and natural themes of traditional vintage and Peranakan pieces.

Simple and beautifully carved to perfection, this ring features a circular cabochon cat’s eye in a geometric cushion halo mounted on 18k white gold setting:

White Gold Diamond & Cat’s Eye Ring

Featured in this diamond ring are the manifested ideals in the use of pavé diamonds and sleek geometric angles. The diamond cluster adds scintillating elegance to your style.

18K White Gold Diamond Ring

A large sparkling centre stone makes a bold statement while showcasing single rows of pavé diamonds along the side of the shank:

Coloured Gem Diamond Ring

2) Bold and contrasting colours

Vibrant-coloured gemstones are prominently featured in ValueMax’s collection of artisan rings. The colours of the stones are striking and bold, paired or punctuated with a high-shine platinum or white gold setting. The artisans created eye-catching combinations of diamonds with rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Complemented by a selection of smaller gemstones, the centre piece sometimes used cabochon cut semi precious stones such as pearl, jade, chrysoberyl, and turquoise make the colour contrast.

Going with the big and bold theme, this ring contrasts a blue sapphire to white accent diamonds for a stunning colour combination:

9K White Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Make a big statement with this luxurious cocktail ring that features a 4.28 carats cabochon ruby, finished with scintillating accented diamonds detailing to the shoulders.

18K White Gold Ruby Diamond Ring

A perfect balance of symmetrical structure and sparkling clarity, this striking amethyst ring is finished in glittering 18k yellow gold that makes a big statement:

18K Yellow Gold Amethyst Diamond Ring

3) Strength and Focus

18k gold and platinum are the preferred choice of setting for the jewellery at ValueMax. The artisan rings are often crafted in 18k gold with a backdrop of white diamonds accenting the brightly coloured gem or centre diamond piece as the focus.

[Sold] This 2.16 carat emerald ring is crafted in platinum, favoured for its strength and resistance to tarnishing. The shoulders are accented with geometrically set diamonds totalling 0.31 carat:

PT900 Emerald Diamond Ring

Cultured pearls are popular alternatives to gemstones. With a dark coloured pearl flanked by accented diamond shoulders, this ring contrasts feminine elegance to a vivacious and independent spirit:

18K White Gold Diamond Pearl Ring

4) The natural beauty of gemstones

The fine art of gemstone cutting is a constantly evolving technique that strives to find new ways to present gemstones at their very best. Artisanal crafting captures the light in a way that brings out the glamorous lustre of gemstones. ValueMax has a collection of meaningful jewellery pieces that embrace the natural beauty of gemstones while offering a unique versatility that’s perfect for modern lifestyles.

– Emerald Cut

An emerald cut is a type of step cut where the facets are parallel to one another and look like a hall of mirrors. The enchantment of vintage glitz is brought out in the emerald cut centre piece of a ring.

[Sold] This emerald-cut emerald engagement ring shouldered by three rows of pavé diamonds on each side vibrantly turns a delicate white gold ring into a luxurious cocktail creation:

18K White Gold Diamond Emerald Ring

– Round Brilliant Cut

Another popular cut of gemstones, and especially for diamonds, is the faceted round brilliant cut. The round cut diamond offers exceptional white light reflection and boasts a classic design, complementing many styles. It is as exquisite as it is timeless.

This ring features a modern-day round brilliant cut centre piece in a cushion halo accented by pavé diamond shoulders:

Circular Pave Diamond Ring

– Calibré cut stones and pavé diamond shoulders

Advances in stone cutting allowed jewelers to make complex pieces such as calibre cut stones and pavé diamond shoulders. The designs are tightly packed with gemstones cut to fit together perfectly, with little or no metal showing. Calibré cut stones are invisibly set gemstones which are cut to precision for a specific fit. The shoulder, often lined with pavé diamonds, marks the point between the setting and band of the ring.

Designed as a bold statement of love and romance, this ring features calibré cut baguette diamonds encircling a beautiful heart shape sapphire for an appealing symmetry:

18K Yellow / White Gold Diamond Blue Sapphire Ring

Featured here is an invisibly set technique on a symmetrical square ring, set with diamonds and calibré cut sapphires:

14K Yellow Gold Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

Encompassed by a dazzling halo border, this ring features four calibré cut diamonds creating an uninterrupted effect that makes the centre piece look like a large stone:

14K White Gold Diamond Ring

5) Vintage Inspired Filigree Work

Filigree is one of the traditional jewellery-making techniques still in use by artisans today. This delicate, refined craft involves twisting thin metal threads into intricate lace-like patterns. The designs were desirable during the elegance of the Edwardian period and reached the peak of popularity during the era of Art Deco in the 1920’s and 1930’s. The geometric designs of filigree mirrored the abstract geometry of Art Deco design.

[Sold] This vintage inspired ring is topped with a four prong set round cabochon of natural jadeite jade which are accentuated with intricate filigree engravings

18K White Gold Diamond Jade Ring

Crafted in 18K white gold, the filigree scroll design features sparkling diamonds and details in dazzling star motif. Milgrain finish adorns the polished shank, completing this exceptional design with a perfect mix of modern and romantic.

18K White Gold Diamond Ring

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